Viral expression of antibodies in the brain as a therapeutic strategy in prion disease

Last week Sonia and I sat down for a brainstorm session with the Harvard gene therapy researcher Luk Vandenberghe, on how to best get large biomolecules into the brain to treat prion diseases. Hot off of doing much of the … Continue reading

Why doxycycline’s failure in CJD clinical trials is no surprise

Last month, clinical research teams from France and Italy jointly reported on the long-awaited results of double-blind clinical trials of doxycycline for sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease [Haik & Marcon 2014].  The result in two words: no efficacy.  But before I dissect … Continue reading

Prion kinetic models and the relationship between inoculum titer and incubation time

In a post last month I presented a simple exponential model of prion propagation in vivo and then tested whether it could explain the relationship between PrPC expression level and prion incubation time. The answer: it couldn’t, at least not without … Continue reading

An introduction to Murcko fragments and structure-activity relationships using rcdk

Over the past few months I’ve learned a few basics of chemical informatics. I started with a few basics of how to use rcdk- that’s Rajarshi Guha‘s cheminformatics package for R [Guha 2007] - used these to compare the properties of CNS drugs … Continue reading