I often refer back to my multiple alignments of several PrP sequences and have come to find it annoying when they don’t contain a species of interest.  So I dug up the amino acid sequences for several other mammals: Syrian hamster, bank vole, goatmule deer, elk, platypus, sperm whale, bottle-nose dolphin, and an additional oft-studied vertebrate, Xenopus.  I also discovered that there are several different reported versions of zebrafish PrP; this time I am just including the versions of PrP 1 and 2 as reported by Rivera-Milla 2006 (ft). And finally, I’m also throwing in the human PrP paralogs Shadoo and Doppel.  I multiple-aligned these with  T-Coffee [Di Tommaso 2011].  Be warned – the sequences I obtained for some of these animals lack the full sequence for the signal peptide and/or GPI signal sequence (e.g. hamster and bank vole) which makes T-Coffee’s codon numbering incorrect.  Click on each image to see the full alignment.



human PrP and its paralogs:


mammal PrP:


human, chicken, Xenopus & zebrafish PrP: