We are blessed beyond measure! At 2:58a on March 20, 2020, Sonia and I welcomed our son Kavari Minikel Vallabh into our family. He weighs in at 2,925 g (6 lbs 7 oz) and is 48 cm (19”) “tall”. Both he and Sonia are the picture of health. This afternoon, upon coming home from Massachusetts General Hospital, Kavari (kuh-VAH-ree, rhymes with Atari) got to meet his big sister Daruka, who is giddy with delight that “new baby” has finally arrived. Like his sister before him, Kavari had a long journey getting here via IVF/PGD, with the reward that we know he did not inherit Sonia’s mutation.

We will have our hands full for a few weeks! But you can rest assured that our lifelong quest to cure prion disease marches on. Our decision to grow our family is one more manifestation of our optimism that we have many years ahead to watch these wonderful kids grow up.